Étude Sessions Concert Series
The Étude Sessions is a concert series created to raise funds for The Étude Group of schools: ESAA Elementary School for the Arts and Academics, The Mosaic School, and IDEAS Academy, while enriching our own community by bringing high quality music to the area. Troy Tousey, founder of Open Mind Studios, was an avid community supporter and a passionate live music fan. He was vice president of the Étude Group’s Governing Board at the time of his death in June of 2012, just as the Étude Sessions were beginning to take shape. Troy dreamed of presenting shows like The Avett Brothers and Jeff Tweedy to the Sheboygan community and was extremely passionate about the Étude Schools and Étude Sessions. We are proud to continue carrying out his vision for good music + good cause. Logo, posters, flyers, tickets, apparel, web advertising

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